Can you please vacuum the carpets/3 piece suites before we get there, also can you make sure you have hot water and remove all small furnishing if we are cleaning your carpets .We also have the same smoking policy as the council, we would like customers to affray from smoking when our operators are in there property. Thank you.
Please be aware that if you hire a carpet cleaning machine from a hire shop like a dry cleaners or supermarkets eg they charge about £35 and you have to clean them yourself, Also you are not insured so if you damage your carpets have to pay! So in a nut shell, you have to pick the machine up, clean your own carpets which takes you twice as long and also the hire company only provide a cleaning product (sometimes you have to pay extra) not any stain removal products. then you have to take it back to the shop thats a lot of effort, So ring us we'll clean it in a fraction of the time for more or less the same Price and we are insured.Its a no brainer ! so give us a call
1001, fanish, fairy liquid or any other product which has been used protentional damages your carpets and suites so please be careful, and don`t panic. If in doubt Just give us a call. Thank you 
Please, Please remember to vacuum your carpets, sofa`s & chairs before we arrive to avoid this happening... it`s a tuff job but someone has to do it !!!

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we clean a lot of carpets and upholstery in care homes all over the northeast. with every fast dying times and very little noise we can clean through the night and will not disturb anyone leaving the home dry and smelling fresh, give us a call for a great service and value for money, what more can you ask for !! We can remove just about any stain or odour...... What you waiting for ?
Did you know black socks damage your carpets ? Well yes they do, the dyes transfer onto your carpets as the combination of sweaty feet and the friction hit the carpet as you walk on it, and the little bits of black wool knit into the carpet fibres leaving marks. So be careful and wear slippers !! Yet another good tip from AB Homekleen.